Awesome Cover Friday: The Black Knight

The Black Knight is one of my favorite Marvel characters. I'm talking about Dane Whitman, here. The one who was in the Defenders and later The Avengers. However, the character was created in 1955 as Sir Percy of Scandia. He had his own series back when Marvel was called Atlas but it only lasted five issues. Check out the medieval awesomeness!


This is a hell of a first cover! Big horse, cool armor, dudes with swords, and exciting text! Also, look at the detail on the horse!


Battle scene! Damn! I have no further commentary. This thing just looks great!


I miss word balloons on comic-book covers. It's not that they've completely disappeared but you don't see stuff like the cover above anymore. It does a great job of letting you know what you're in for and it makes me want to see the rest of the story. Mission Accomplished!


Another battle scene! In this one everybody gets a different helmet. It's an Arthurian Helmet Party and Sir Percy's is the grandest of all!

I'm gonna name my next techno band Arthurian Helmet Party. Watch our MySpace page for details!


Lisa said...

When I see these covers all I can think of is, "it's merely a flesh wound. Have at you!" from Monty Python.

Vaklam said...

Me, too, Lisa! Mouse over the pictures. :)