Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: More House of Mystery!

Hi, again, kids! King Clownape, here! As the monarch of Wierdassia I decree that last week's installment did not contain enough House of Mystery covers. I have sent my simian thugs, in sad-clown mode to visit the proprietor of this so-called "blog" and instruct him to post more! So, prepare yourselves for more madness from the House of Mystery!

If. You. Can.

Seriously, go prepare yourselves. I'll wait.


Hello? Jane? Who's that dead guy that looks just like me? Can't you hear me? Oh, man. Hey, turban guy! You look mystical. Can you tell Jane that-- Hello? Little help?



But they have to want to change.


OK, I don't even know where to begin with this one. Spectral Hands? Jewelry? Kite? What's with the bat wings. Perhaps most importantly, who's flying that damn helicopter!?!

Let's just focus on "The Phantom With The Funny Face", instead. That'll make all of us a little less insane.


This story goes great with the "Terror of the Cute Shoes!".

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