Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: House of Mystery!

Hey, kids! It's your old pal, King Clownape! Welcome back to Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday!

This week, we're looking at House of Mystery! Hoo, boy, is this title chock full of 1950s weirdness! I mean, it's no Ghosts but it's pretty close. This is the comic which brought you such chilling tales as "The Forbidden Statues", "The Day I Floated Through Air", "The Tree Man", and "Greeting Cards of Destiny".

No, really.

Check out the covers below! As your Monarch I command it!

Eek, eek!


Um, yes, Ted, I was going to murder him until you grabbed my arm. Do you mind?


Jeez, that guy is mean! He's such a homicidal prick that the only thing left to attack is his own shadow. To be fair, that shadow was gonna rat him out.


Don't look at him in the killing way! Look at him in the way that makes him dance!


This is totally gonna backfire on this guy during his confirmation hearings:

Senator: "We need to bring up this 'statue' case. It seems to suggest that you are completely, batshit insane."

Crazy Lawyer Guy: "I'm not out of order! You're out of order! Blibbo! Wooooooo!"

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