Holy Diver!

Remember when videos had plots and acting and stuff? Well, this one doesn't have any of those things but the costumes are cool and Ronnie James Dio totally kills Dengar from Star Wars in the first part.

Ladies and gentlemen, Holy Diver!


Yedna said...

Righteous! I'd never seen this. Jack Black sings part of 'Holy Diver' in the Tenacious D movie.

Here's a link to a great scene from 'The Pick Of Destiny' in which a Ronnie James Dio poster comes to life before a young, Jack Black, and tells him to seek his destiny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=va-5IMcvVCw

BTW, the POD DVD contains tons of bonus footage of Jack Black in the studio with the diminutive one.

Vaklam said...

Great follow-up! I still haven't seen POD! Time to move it up the NetFlix queue.