Awesome Cover Friday: JLA

The Keith Giffen/J.M. DeMatteis run on JLA is one of the things that got me back into comics in the early 1990s. It was funny, well-written, exciting, and often possessed a depth of storytelling that many of the "serious" titles didn't have. It also had some of the best covers ever:


I just love the composition on this one. And it was done by Adam Hughes. Yes, that Adam Hughes. The women on that ice floe are astoundingly HAWT you just can't see if from this distance.


Here's one by Chris Sprouse who is one of my favorite artists. He did the cover of Ocean as well as the interiors. I enjoy the grisly math lesson on this one. Also: Lobo!


Another Adam Hughes cover. This one's on here because it's the funniest cover to appear during the Giffen/DeMatteis run and that's saying something. The level of outrage experienced by these heroes merely from being asked to join the JLA is a beautiful thing. Hawk looks ready to turn around and kick everybody's ass.


Kevin Maguire is my favorite JLA artist so it's no surprise that this is my favorite cover of the batch. Also, it's got Amanda Waller on it. She increases the cool factor of anything she's in by 50%. The Exorcist reference is a nice touch, too. True Fact: This cover could beat up Chuck Norris.

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