Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: Action Comics

Yowza, kids! It's your old pal King Clownape!

The proprietor of this "blog" is one of my subjects and I have commanded him to make fun of Superman. He countered that Supermockery has been done to death but such arguments fell upon deaf ears (I have three, you know)! Then he said that he had spent a lot of time extolling the virtues of Action Comics to which I replied, "Bollocks! There are, like, 800 of the things! Make with the jocularity, already.

He had nothing to say to that. I am that intimidating. Also: King!

Therefore, I bring you Weird-Ass Action Comics covers.

Vaklam: OK, OK, your Majesty. I'll do it. Jeez!


I didn't think this cover was all that weird until I realized that Superman is kicking The Yellow Kid's ass. I mean, look:

This is like some sort of Old God/New God conflict. Yeah, Superman! Go! Viva la Revolución!


And people think that fanfic is weird. Well, a lot of it is weird but, dude. Check this out.

Comet The Super-Horse:

  • Flies
  • Communicates Telepathically
  • Used to be a centaur
  • Has super-strength
  • Can turn into a human when in sight of a comet
  • Was trapped on a prison planet for three millennia
  • Wears a cape.

If it weren't for that last item, I'm pretty sure he'd be a ninja, too.


Again with the super-animals. The image of poor, sad Krypto with his little, torn cape is just heartbreaking. Also, damn, Lois, why don't you rub a little more salt into those wounds.


This one makes me laugh every time I see it because I picture the shrinking Superman speaking in that little electronically-altered voice that's always used when someone becomes tiny. Hee hee!


suedenim said...

Dang, Kryptonian dogs sure are long-lived!

Vaklam said...

Yeah, that's 694 to you and me.