Links + Video Time! Yello - Bostich

Brian Hughes salutes Fred Hembeck: Proto-Blogger!

Randy Lander asked us to, "watch the fireworks" after Heidi MacDonald's piece on autobiographical comics. Here they are! Also, I'm "this guy" in the 4th paragraph.

Dude, what was with the 90s? The fine fellows at Jimmy Olsen's Blues don't know either but they do have a feature on the lame-ass costumes that came out of that decade.

Scott from Polite Dissent posts (among other things) medical reviews of comics. He tells it like it is for good or ill.

Do you know about Blogger Play yet?

And now it's Video Time!!

Yello, the band who did "Oh, Yeah" from the Ferris Bueller soundtrack, consists of a couple of Swiss guys who made some of the best dance music that's ever been recorded. They, along with the Art of Noise, are among the godfathers of electronica.

Here's "Bostich" from 1980 (the video was made four years later) and it is a perfect example of their tongue-in-cheek attitude:

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