3 X-Men Covers of Yore

That's right, I said "yore". I'm gonna go all "I Love the '80s" on you and talk about three nearly-consecutive Uncanny X-Men covers from 1981. I don't have much in the way of commentary other than to say that when I saw each of these covers on the stand back in the day I said, "Holy Crap! What's gonna happen in there?" I then probably put my velcro wallet in my parachute pants and adjusted the epaulets on my Members Only jacket because, y'know, it was the '80s.

Each of these issues lived up to what was on its cover. The "Everybody Dies" one followed one of the most famous X-Men covers ever and had a badass story. The Kitty vs. Alien was thrilling and the Everybody vs. Doom was a study in why you don't go up against a smart, ruthless zillionaire. Also, Storm totally got turned into a statue and she made this super hurricane and it blew up Latveria!

Enjoy the covers. They did what covers were meant to do.


Bully said...

All fantastic covers from my favorite era of X-Men (I came on board with issue #137).

Although doesn't Nightcrawler seem like a lazy sod on the cover of #145? "Ach, all my friends have been defeated. But I'm just too tired to stand up. Zzzzzz."

Vaklam said...

Good point, Bully. He's got that "woe is me" pose going on. Whiner.

It's been years since I read those stories and I remember them with an embarassing level of detail.