Linkin' Park

Kevin Church has reminded me of The Comics Curmudgeon's existence. I had the site in the sidebar for a long time but he must have moved. Glad to have it back on board. Now I have some catching up to do.

I added Bill's House O' Comics to the list a while back but forgot to mention it here. Sorry, Bill. This image (scroll down) from his site reminds me how much I Want Forge's House!!!

Enter TangognaT's Super Happy Fun Manga Giveaway!

Heidi Meeley lays down the Comic-Customer-Service Manifesto! Preach it! The discussion in the comments is good, too.

And now, a totally rad picture of Blastarr:

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Billscomics said...

Thanks for the add, and keep up the great work! I'll have more content as soon as I shake my whooping cough or whatever the hell it is I have right now...