Awesome Cover Friday: Team-Up Style!

I have almost as many issues of Marvel Team-Up as I do of Fantastic Four. I looked forward to seeing who would imperil Spider-Man and his latest superfriend each month. There are a few stories and covers which stand out.

Machine Man has always been one of my favorite characters. The teamup is good. The cover is awesome! The split effect with the white-on-black in the Baron Brimstone section lets you know something seriously weird is going on.

A lot of the Marvel Team-Up covers were really busy as if they were trying to fit everything about the issue into a single picture. This cover conveys far more with a simple image. Also, this one wins the award for "Best Use of Logo". I really like the way the word "Vision" curves around Spidey's head.

My favorite cover of the entire 150-issue series. This was Karma's first appearance and it really made an impression on me. The cover combines simple, clean design with a sense of frenetic energy. Reed's head looks a little weird but that's my only complaint about this one.

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