Dynamo 5 #1 - Image (2007)

This title is starting with a bang!

Premise: What if a dude with all of Martian Manhunter's powers slept with every woman he possibly could? And then died.

Well, he'd have a bunch of children and his bitter widow would collect them, activate their latent powers and guilt them into defending The City now that the dad they never knew is gone.

Truly, a tale as old as time.

The writing by Jay Faerber is compelling and entertaining. The art by Mahmud A. Asrar is perfect for the story. He balances between heavy and light just as the tone of the story does. The layouts are simple yet dynamic and the character design is clean and nice to look at.

This is a good, solid book with an ending that could have come from Warren Ellis.

I won't say anything more other than to show you an example of the art:

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