Five Reasons Why I Blog

Heidi Meeley from Comics Fairplay answered a challenge by listing five reasons she blogs. She then tagged her entire sidebar. I now pick up the gauntlet.

1. It's Writing

I like to write. I've recently managed to get a job where I get paid for it. However, the stuff they pay me for is interesting to about 16 people. This blog gives me a chance to write about things which are interesting to at least 20 people! The more I write the better I will become at writing. That's the theory, anyway.

2. It's Fun

You know what's neat? Thinking stuff up and then seeing it on the internet. Also, thinking about comics and other forms of entertainment is really a blast.

3. I like talking about comics

I am lucky to have many geeky friends. We see each other two or three times a week and we spend most of our time together discussing role-playing games, movies and TV. Most of us read comics but we don't talk about them much. So, I write down what I think about funnybooks and I inflict those thoughts upon you.

4. I like reading about comics

I have discovered more comics blogs since starting Noetic Concordance than I had any idea existed. I enjoy the dialogues in the comments sections and I like the sense of community among the other bloggers I've met.

5. All the cool kids were doing it

Back in the day, Noetic Concordance's own Chuck W. sent me a link to Mike Sterling's blog. From there, I found out about Dave Campbell and Kevin Church. These three guys made me laugh out loud and annoy my friends by constantly emailing links to their posts. I wanted to do what they were doing. I have since discovered many other great blogs (look to the sidebar!) but these three were my gateway drugs.

I learned it from YOU, OK?!?

I won't tag anyone specifically but if you have (or are a member of) a blog of any kind and you want to list your reasons, please do so and leave a comment on this post to let me know about it.

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