Awesome Cover Friday - Yo, Joe!

I like GI Joe. I like the animated series, I like the action figures and I really like the comic books. Below are some of the covers that stand out in the nostalgic sludge I call a memory.

The first cover is much more recent than the second two but it's a cover that seriously did it's job. I bought it because I had to know the story behind that image. Also, the style and composition just scream "Comic Book!".

#27 possesses the platonic form of a GI Joe cover. Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes kicking each others asses in the middle of a city isn't enough for the Joe team! No, we've got to throw in a gunship! "Clearance be damned, sir, there's a ninja on that train!".

I'm cheating a bit by posting the cover for #21 because, while it is an awesome cover it's actually the contents of the issue that stand out. This was the Silent Issue. The story was told with nothing but pictures. No word balloons, no captions, nothing. It blew my little comic-reading mind at the time and it still holds up as an excellent story.

And here's a bonus cover 'cause it's got dudes with chainsaws attacking a freakin' plane! Man!

While I'm at it, here's an installment of Comic-Book Urban Legends from a while back about the Joes.


CapwnD said...

Awesome pics. That first one was right after I quit collecting. Those others, 21, 24, 27... pure awesome

Kim said...

I had the first one.. oh how I love the lady Jay and Flint love story....:) thanks