Free Beer Tomorrow

I'm slowly making it through my latest (big) haul of comics. I've got some stuff to say about them but until that happens enjoy these piping-hot links.

New Hampshire Magazine interviews Jodi Picoult about her Wonder Woman run. It's a good interview when they let her talk and once they get past "Why in the world are you writing a comic book? You have so much to do."

The lovely and talented Comics Should Be Good continues its Comic-Book Urban Legends series with information about Namor, The FF and T.M. Maple

NBC Universal and Virgin say, "Hey, that Heroes sure is popular with the hepcat set. Let's make a bunch of pilot pitches comic books and see what happens." Yeah, copying the Latest Big Thing worked so well for those volcano movies. And the asteroid movies.

Heroes is popular because its well-written and cool not because it has people with kewl powerz. It's possible that these comics could yield something just as good but if the story's not there we just get another Matrix III.

Here's the last line from the NBC/Virgin story:

"Sci fi is a very underserved niche in comic books. There are plenty of superhero [books] and a thriving horror business. But there isn't a strong publisher focused on the sci fi genre."

That's pretty much true. There's Sci-fi stuff around but no imprint dedicated to it. I'm interested to see what comes of this. People like Warren Ellis, Brian Wood and Alan Moore write excellent SF. Maybe this thing will produce more like that.

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