Quick thoughts on some stuff I bought

Dynamo 5 #5- Image (2007)

Another good issue. The bad guys are cool and the plot thickens. The writing and art are solid and this issue would not be a bad one to start with as long as you know that the characters are all the children of a Superman-like guy who screwed around a lot. In fact, Image does a really cool thing that I wish more comics would do. The back cover has a few words which state the premise of the book and tell you what's gonna happen in this issue. You can't judge a book by it's cover but the back cover of this one helps you out.

X-Factor #20 - Marvel (2007)

Best issue yet. I really like what Peter David has done with X-Factor. He gets the characters (especially Madrox, Siryn and Monet) and he can tell the hell out of a story. His run on this title has an excellent combination of "What cool thing can I do with this person's powers" and "What awesome story can I tell with these characters". This book nearly makes the whole House of M thing worth it. I miss Ryan Sook's art but Khoi Pham and Sandu Florea complement David's stories beautifully.

Green Lantern Corps #13 - DC (2007)

Here's another title which has turned in its best issue yet. I am a HUGE Green Lantern Corps fan and I have really enjoyed this book. Dave Gibbons has put a really cool collection of Lanterns together so they can use their various strengths to solve the Big Problem. The big problem this time involves Mogo who is one of my favorite Lanterns. His partner is a little fly dude! How awesome is that?

Sinestro Corps Special #1 - DC (2007)

This one didn't knock my socks off but it's still a really entertaining read. I'm a sucker for "mirror universe" characters. Sinestro has summoned the scariest mofos in the universe to be his new Corps. Seriously. The main criterion for membership in the Yellow Ring Brigade is the ability to instill great fear. Batman was on the list. I'm not going to pick up all of the related titles but I will follow the story because it's a lot of fun.

Faker #1 of 6 - Vertigo (2007)

This is a story about a bunch of college students who have weird stuff happen to them. The story is pretty cool but I don't like any of the main characters. This could be a problem. It's possible that they might do something with all these annoying character flaws. If they do, I'll stick with it.

Jonah Hex #21 - DC (2007)

This is one of those Jonah Hex stories where he's mostly an observer. Those can be as good as the ones where he's just shooting his way through the landscape. In the hands of Gray and Palmiotti it becomes an awesome, chilling tale of vengeance and death. And Jonah metes out bloddy justice all over the place near the end so it's all good.

Runaways #27 - Marvel (2007)

I am seriously digging Joss Whedon's run on this comic. It's fun to read and the stuff that's happening is really neat. The story has taken a turn which allows Whedon to go buck wild with the setting. This issue introduces a bunch of new characters and it sets up a storyline I can't wait to read more of.

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