Blog Positivity Week! The Spirit #8 - DC (2007)

Heidi Meeley recently proposed Blog Positivity Day. I think that's such a good idea that I'm declaring Blog Positivity Week on Noetic Concordance.

Darwyn Cooke makes being positive about comics easy. This latest issue can be summed up quickly:

The Spirit
Special Agent Silk Satin
Nuclear Time Bomb

I don't really need to say more than that, do I?

But I will.

Cooke's art and writing are as good as ever. There's a single panel that I want on a T-shirt. It's The Spirit standing in shadow, having just freed himself from handcuffs saying "Come and get it, Psycho". Hee hee! This is the stuff that just makes me clap my hands in glee.

We learn an iota more about the Octopus, Silk Satin gets that sort of amnesia that only happens in fiction, and The Spirit messes with his hat and does a silly accent. Comic-book gold, people.

This comic is freakin' awesome. Flip through a few pages at your local comic shop and see if it's for you.


Yedna said...

I picked this one up over the weekend and loved it. I'm completely on board with the new Spirit series. I agree the innocence and humor is refreshing. I'm looking forward to the TPB collecting issues 1-6 in October, as I've yet to read issues 3-6. I was able to find the Batman/Spirit colab, and issues 1&2 tucked away at a local chain store.

Vaklam said...

I haven't read Batman/Spirit yet. How is it?

Yedna said...

It's okay. It's a bit hokey, but I suppose that's part of the charm. Poison Ivy (Dolan's love interest in this story) is drawn in that curvy, 1960's style which is pretty cool.