Let's Get Ready To Rumble

Comic Pants has started a new Rumble Pants tournament. Go over there and vote for Taskmaster. I don't know who the hell is voting for Deathstroke but there need to be more voices of sanity and propriety over there.

Heidi Meeley's got some good stuff to say about Kyle vs. Hal both present and past. Check it out! I have gone on and on about my love for the GLC and ambivalence towards the human GLs and I will, no doubt, do so again. Make Mine Mogo! Also, Soranik Natu rules.

Comics Should Be Good has an excellent interview with Jimmy Palmiotti who is may favorite comics writer right now.

Finally, other people walk the walk when it comes to The Transformers but Tom Foss talks the talk.


Jason said...

Quick question about the GLC. I'm looking to get back into them, should I start with the Recharge-mini trade or just with the first trade of the current on-going? Thanks!

Vaklam said...

I enjoyed Recharge but it is by no means required reading. There's some good stuff in there but the beginning of the on-going gets you up to speed just fine.
I reviewed it a while back. Maybe that will help you decide if it's for you.