Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: Doom Patrol!

This week's weird-ass covers are all from a comic about a team of misfits and freaks hated and feared by the very people they have sworn to protect. No, the other one.

X-Men and Doom Patrol both debuted in 1963. Each one even had a wheelchair-bound leader. The biggest difference between the two (other than the Patrol's invalid being much hairier) is that the Doom Patrol was seriously wacked!

Check out the very first Doom Patrol cover. It's numbered 86 because DC maintained the original numbering system from the previous title when it changed its name to Doom Patrol.


They're starting off in the best way possible: with a talking gorilla. This isn't just any talking gorilla, though. It's a badass talking gorilla assassin!! Hell, yeah!



That dude is the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man! His primary power is screwing up Twenty Questions games.

Also, check out that dinosaur action on #89! The Doom Patrol is the only team that could handle a recurring character like A-M-V Man! Fight weird-ass with weird-ass! That's what I always say.


OK, you know what? Just...no.

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