Mark Waid Speaks Truth!

Mark Waid has just been announced as the Editor-In-Chief of Boom! Studios. This is cool. I really like Waid's writing and I like most of what Boom! is putting out. The exchange from this interview from CBR makes me very happy:

What will EiC of Boom! mean exactly? While I'm sure there are certain things you can't talk about right now, but tell us what you can - what role will you play?

First and foremost, it's my job to set a creative tone for the company--to help make good books better and to steer creators towards the best ways of telling their stories. I'll be working with established writers and artists in the medium, and I'll also be working with creators from other media who have approached us about working in comics and have some sensational ideas, BUT. My philosophy about the latter--my speech to tv and movie writers who have come to Boom! with their pitches--is this: if you're here to dabble in funnybooks just to say you've done it or because your kids think it would be neat, that's great, go work somewhere else. Our readers aren't responsible for financially subsidizing your learning curve. If, on the other hand, you have a great story to tell and you're willing to let me help guide you through the learning process of a medium that's new to you and show you what comics storytelling can do that's unique, then let's do business.

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