Superman's Pal: Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday!

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen was a wack-ass series which featured everyone's favorite cub reporter getting into some sort of wack-ass adventure every month. The writers had a lot of fun turning Jimmy into something weird or subjecting him to some sort of mind control that Superman would have to deal with. There's a great trade out which collects some of the best of Jimmy's metamorphoses. The cover looks like this:

So, in honor of The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen I bring you the following weird-ass covers:


Man, that's a full word balloon! However, I think it's exactly what this cover needs. Aliens? Kryptonian Flag? Toy Guns? Sign me up! Those aliens even dressed up like those dudes from that painting. That's hardcore! If this turns out to be nothing more than some weird, alien cosplay thing Superman is gonna be pissed off.


I think we all have days where we feel like we're trapped in the 4th dimension, Jimmy. Who wants a hug?


Because humans look scary! Get it? Because this dude's from another planet where they have totally different aesthetic standards. Also, he apparently works for the outer-space version of WETA.


  • Yes, that's Don Rickles.
  • No, I didn't photoshop this.
  • No, you are not hallucinating.

    Jason said...

    What was the deal with Don Rickles showing up in those issues of Jimmy Olsen? I just re-read my trades of the Kirby run and that always kinda perplexed me. Were Kirby & Rickles pals?

    Vaklam said...

    This is the best explanation I've found. Scroll down a bit to find a recount of the origin by Mark Evanier.

    Todd Lyles said...

    I just lost san.

    Jinjifore said...

    "Great Scott! My friend Jimmy is leading a regiment of alien soldiers into a suicide charge!"




    No, seriously.