Simpsons Thing and a Question

Upcoming Simpsons episode to feature Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman and Daniel Clowes. What, Scott McCloud wasn't available?

I've got a question for my fellow comics fans: Do you like The Sentry?

I don't. I have also heard nothing but negative reactions to him. I don't have a burning hatred for him or anything but he's just not a character I care about. Please comment with your opinion on the guy. Or with a link to your Sentry fansite.


Jason said...

I enjoyed the original series and I thought that it was very well done (much like a lot of the early Marvel Knights series). BUt when he started turning up in New Avengers, it just got stupid. I don't even understand what his issues are, or what's up with the Void. I didn't read the most recent series either. It just keeps feeling like Marvel is trying to make him popular despite the fact that the fan-base doesn't really care.

Patrick said...

I agree. The Sentry is just not needed as a character in the MU, and neither his costume nor his powers are anything interesting or special. His backstory was great within the context of his original mini-series, but as Jason said - outside of that he's just stupid.

Of course, what am I complaining about? Since Civil War started I'm off Marvel pretty much completely. So they can do whatever they want and it doesn't affect me one way or another as a reader. :P

Vaklam said...

I haven't sworn off Marvel but I am buying a lot less of their stuff than I did pre-Civil War.

Despite the whole Sentry thing, I am enjoying World War Hulk although if it doesn't do something different I'll ditch it.