Friday Night Fights: Badger Style!

Here's a picture of The Badger kicking a nun in the face.

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You're welcome.

Bahlactus will hit you so hard that when you wake up your clothes will be out of style.


James Meeley said...

Wow, I didn't know the Badger was a victim of abuse from Catholic church officals.

Maybe someone should of told him he could simply sure them for large amounts of cash. That could have helped his series last a lot longer, even if it isn't as cathartic as kicking someone in the face. ;)

Vaklam said...

Add in the fact that the nun is a transsexual ex-Nazi and suddenly the Badger's issues have issues.

Man, I miss First Comics. =)

Jeff Munson said...

Nazi Nuns rule all, and just so you know I believe that the Badger is coming back (via Oni Press, but I am not sure) this fall so we with Nexus, Grimjack, Jon Sable and Badger it's like a First Comics reunion out there! (Now if we could only get Starlin or David to revive Dreadstar I would be even more excited then I am right now)

Vaklam said...

Munson: No freakin' way! I didn't know about the Badger action coming our way. That is six kinds of individually-wrapped awesome.

And, yeah, Dreadstar would be the awesome icing on that awesome cake. Especially if David wrote it.