Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities #3

This is awesome. The first issue was quite good even though I had a few problems with the art. With this third issue, the art (by Kyle Hotz) has really grown on me. It does a great job of portraying Eric Powell's writing and the creepy stuff in this issue is damned creepy.

Billy and the rest of the freakshow he's been hired to travel with ride into a village in search of a jewel which is in the possession of Dr. Frankenstein. Yes, that Dr. Frankenstein. Powell's characterization of Frankenstein is excellent and Hotz draws him and his hideous creations spectacularly. Powell's colors are lurid and they look great on top of Hotz's pencils and inks.

Another reason I like this mini-series is that it's four issues long. This is exactly the number of issues that the story is going to require. I am sick and tired of six-issue series or story arcs which are only that long because that's what fits into a good-sized trade. This series would work well as a trade but I am so glad to see that Powell didn't try to stretch it into a shape it couldn't hold.

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