Hero Squared - Boom Studios (2005)


Keith Giffen and J.M DeMatteis team up with artist Joe Abraham to produce a funny, sometimes-touching story about a guy named Milo who meets an alternate-universe version of himself who has superpowers. Also, Milo's girlfriend's otherworld self is the vilest of villains.

This is a great intro issue and it should still be on the shelves. This is one of those "supporting indy comics" things that Jason Rodriguez was talking about. Not that I'm saying Giffen and DeMatteis are struggling kids just trying to get their books published but Boom Studios deserves our support for putting this out. Also, if this sells well, we could see lots of new cool stuff from Boom.

I like Abraham's art. He plays well with the Bwa-ha-ha boys and he handles the action scenes as well as the conversation scenes with style. There are a couple of points where things could be clearer but it holds together well.

I'm looking forward to issue #2.

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