Standards and Practices

My fellow comics bloggers have threatened to kick me out of the club if I don't attend to a couple of things ASAP:

First, I have not spent enough time on this blog bitching about Wizard magazine. I have passed on reports of their dastardly dealings re: HeroesCon but apparently that wasn't enough. So, here goes:

I'm done with Wizard. The few scraps of advance knowledge I've picked up from their "exclusive" news items have not been worth the pages and pages of filler and movie coverage I have to sift through. Wizard released a Special Movie Issue! a while back. Here's the cover of one of their "non-movie" issues:

Hey, kids!  It's Jennifer Garner!

You'd have to be Entertainment Weekly to be any more "movie" than that. What qualities could a "movie issue" possess that would make it any different from "as seen on Alias", up there?

I've become increasingly dissatisfied with the magazine since I began reading it regularly a couple of years ago. Once I realized that their ratings and hype don't represent comics fans in general and that they are decided upon by, like, eight guys who work for the magazine, I stopped caring about what they had to say.

Second, I've been told that I'm not using enough profanity. This is just a misdemeanor and not grounds for expulsion from the Comics blogosphere but I'm on thin ice already so:


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