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In Darkest Night

I was really excited to hear that a new start-from-scratch Green Lantern monthly series was coming. However, I have read the first two issues and it's not grabbing me. It's neither the writer nor the artist, I now realize, it's actually that I don't really like Hal Jordan stories. That surprised me. I thought I was a big Hal fan. Turns out I'm a big Green Lantern Corps fan. Now that I realize that, I can stop buying the GL monthly and wait for a Tales of the GLC monthly.

Speaking of Hal Jordan, I now see what all the fuss about Kyle Rayner was. He was a much more interesting and better-developed character than Jordan. I don't have any strong feelings one way or the other but, if pressed, I would put myself in the camp that wishes Jordan had stayed dead. The story of his flipping out, killing everything and then redeeming himself through sacrifice is watered down now that he's back. On top of that, it doesn't look like they're doing anything interesting with his return. I'm glad there's a book on the shelves for the Hal fans but I'm not gonna read it anymore. I am, however, encouraged by the reformation of the Corps.

Back to the Corps: I like the GLC because it allows a really broad range of stories to be told. You can put a bunch of them together and explore the differences between their approaches. You can send one off on a solo mission where he or she (or it) has to be really smart and clever to get out of some situation. You can go completely batshit wacky and bring in Ch'p or Mogo.

I also like the sector assignments and the pseudo-military trappings of the organization. I'm a sucker for the whole intergalactic police force thing.

This is not to say that the GL monthly can't become a great comic and if that happens I'll pick it up again. For now, I'll wait for Tomar-Re or Katma Tui to show back up.


Charles W. said...

Dude, you'll be happy to hear that a miniseries is being solicited beginning in September titled Green Lantern Corps: Recharge. It's written by Dave Gibbons (who drew so many of those GLC stories back in the day) and is all about the rebuilding of the Corps. I'm afraid Ch'p won't be in it, but we'll see Salakk, Kilowog and Mogo. Probably a healthy helping of Guy Gardner, too.

Drew said...

I've not read a single 'Hal Returns' comic because he was my *least* favorite GL. I *never* understood why the alien GLs looked up to him considering he RARELY policed his sector and spent much of his time trying to get into Carol's pants.

While I didn't buy alot of Kyle, I thought he was a much more interesting GL and enjoyed his character growth...

I hadn't really heard of the Tales of the GLC, but I'm very happy to hear about it. I loved the different aliens( F sharp bell) and good Sci Fi epics... which I think is a genre that has been missing from comics for a while.

Vaklam said...

Well put, Drew. It's the sci-fi stuff surrounding the GLC that I really like.

And, Chuck: Gibbons! Woot!