Awesome Cover Friday: Now with flight rings!

I like the new Waid/Kitson Legion of Super-Heroes comic. Seeing Palmiotti & Gray on the latest issue made me very happy even if they are inking the thing rather than writing it. Do those guys just team up on everything now? Are they gradually melding into a gestalt being or some sort of Siamese Comics Professional joined at the knee?

Anyway, here are some of my favorite LSH covers from the '80s.


OK, this is just pretty. It's the kind of cover that gets noticed at a distance and the design is stunning. It looks like you could warm your hands on it.


BAM! Oh, crap! Giant hand! Also, "Starfinger" sounds like a 30th-century Bond villain.


This is my favorite Legion of Super-Heroes cover from the late '80s run. It's different from nearly every other cover in the series which makes it stand out. It's also different from comic covers in general. It reminds me of the covers science-fiction magazines had back in the day.

-=Special Bonus Cover=-

La Légion des Super-Héros! Awesome! Yes, I admit it. I just like seeing comic characters shouting en Français!

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