Awesome Cover Friday: Simonson Style

Walt Simonson's art is dynamic. He gives a sense of motion to his figures without going into the scribbly territory that some lesser artists do. Simonson built on those early epic Kirby stories and put his own spin on the character. He wrote, drew and lettered the title during his run which gave him the opportunity to truly do things his way.


Holy crap! Look at the size of that dog! This is Garm, the guardian of the entrance to Hel. Sure, the Greek version has three heads but with fangs like that, I think Garm's doing fine with just the one.


Yeah, you knew I was gonna put this one on there. It's the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill which is awesome enough. I'm a sucker for covers which screw with the title elements so that earns it several more awesome points. The design is simple and evocative. For those familiar with Thor's mythology it begs the question, "Who the Hel is that dude with Mjolnir?!?" This issue certainly lived up to its cover.


Thor vs. Fafnir! Simonson excels at large-scale confrontations. Both this and the cover to #361 use the "tiny Thor" effect to drive home the stakes the Thunder God is playing for.


This cover is a concise visual representation of Simonson's run on Thor. He told epic stories worthy of the gods they were about. This picture has a wonderful Ring-Cycle feel to it that conveys just how big Thor's universe is.

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