Happy Mother(box) Day!

Hi, I'm Granny Goodness I am seizing control of this "blog" to give you a message.

If I know anything it's how to treat children. Mother's Day cards and gifts are mandatory here on Apokolips so I am showered with much-deserved praise. Here's hoping all you other mothers out there receive proper adulation from your ungrateful whelps. That Scott Free! He never writes. Never calls. And after all I've done for him.

I will now deign to give the earthman his little internet frippery back.

Um, thanks, Granny. I guess I echo her sentiments. Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there. I hope you had a great time! Also, if you're looking for a Mom's night out I hear that Agatha Harkness is an excellent babysitter and she works cheap.

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