When Linkblogging Attacks!

Added to the sidebar: When Fangirls Attack. Of course, according to the latest stats three quarters of the readers of this blog now come from there so, "Hi!".

Warren Ellis wins a huge pile of Eagle Awards. See, I told you Nextwave was awesome! Both trades are out. If you haven't read them yet, go get them. See also: Global Fequency, Fell, Planetary, Transmetropolitan, the first twelve issues of The Authority and many more.

Also, here's a wicked cool picture of George Pérez:


James Meeley said...

You forgot to add the awesome update to Marvel's "New Universe" that Ellis has done in the series New Universal to that list. Great stuff, btw.

Vaklam said...

Oh, man! You're right. Given the absurd amounts of praise I've heaped on New Universal you'd think I would have remembered it.

Not only is it a great read, each page looks better than the one before it.