Awesome Cover Thor's Day!

The lastest batch of covers is so awesome a single day could not contain it. When I think "Thor" I think "Kirby". That thought is quickly followed by "Simonson". Since this is Thor's Day I will highlight four of my favorite Jack Kirby covers. Tomorrow: Simonson!


Thor vs. Hercules! Dude! The pseudo-Elizabethan dialogue was flying fast and furious on that day, I can tell you. It writes itself!

"I say thee nay!"

"Oh, yeah?!? Well, I say thee nay, varlet! How dost thou like them apples?"


Just sit back and bask in the Kirby. When you are attacked by a Kirby monster you know you've been attacked! Look at those teeth! I also like the visual synecdoche of Thor's hammer standing in for the god himself.


I love covers where the title elements are part of the image. And this one has the king of the fire giants on it! Also, the circle from the spinning Mjonlir really works down there in the corner.


Extra bonus awesome cover. The Warriors Three are officially awesome. There is documentation to prove this in the Library of Congress. This is an outstanding action shot and it does what covers are supposed to do: Make the viewer want to know what's going to happen inside. Images like this define Thor for me.

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