Takei = Badass, More Thor and a Gourd

What Were They Thinking?! brings us Thor vs. Fin Fang Foom (sort of). It's less of an action scene and more like My Dinner With Andre. Read all the dialogue. It's worth it.

Disney Pictures will be making an all Chinese-language fantasy flick this summer that centers on a vegetable. No, I did not create that sentence with a random news generator. Seriously, check out The Magic Gourd.

The internet's Mike SterlingTM has a lot to say about George Takei, Mary Jane Watson, Nancy and Alan Moore. Dude, Takei and Nancy! Click already!

Cover by Cover is winding up Break On Through Week.

Also, I've been screwing with some older posts to make them consistent with the new ones and to make the stats more accurate. Those of you reading this via RSS feed or from the Comic Weblog Update-a-tron are probably seeing a bunch of stuff from the dusty archives. Sorry about that.

This just in from the "More Fuel on the Fire" department: Here's a copy of the Adam Hughes art which inspired that Mary Jane "barefoot and lovin' it" maquette:

At least this one looks like all of her body parts come from the same person.

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James Meeley said...

Hey, man, thanks for the link (both in the post and in your blogroll). I really appreciate it. Wait until you see the theme for next week. ;)

Oh, and about the MJ statue thing, check out this comment I made, which i think sums up this whole hoo-ha: http://sequentiallyspeaking.blogspot.com/2007/05/victim-of-her-livejournal.html#comment-3213871302651945113