Hulk, H4H, Weird Bats and Bad Medicine

Brian Hughes from Again With The Comics delves into tomes man was not meant to see when he opens Batman's Black Casebook! THRILL to the sight of King Batman the First! CRINGE before the prismatic terror of The Rainbow Creature! CHECK OUT that freaky panel where Batman turns into a monster and says AAAARRRRRROOOOOOOO!

Heroes for Hire #9 not only suffered from crappy writing, it also had lousy medicine. Go get 'em, Scott!

Dorian does the math on The Doctor's companions.

ComicBookMovie.com posts a synopsis of the Hulk sequel. In this one, Eric Bana transforms into Edward Norton and there might actually be a fight scene.

Oh, and here's a picture of Elsa Bloodstone kicking a koala in the gut. You're welcome.

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