Crisis on Infinite LINKS!

For the three of you who care, the next installment of Blogging the Crisis will be in by the end of the week. Each issue is larger than the last. Somehow they are cramming more information into each page. It was the first of the quantum comics. By the time I reach issue #12 it'll be a sequential singularity and I'll gain super powers simply by lifting it off the table.

Until then check out Crisis on Imminent Nancy.

Or review Bully's application for membership in The Drones Club.

Devon Sanders has a couple of questions about the Legion of Super-Heroes. Do you have answers?

Speaking of the LSH, The Legion Omnicom just hit its 500th post! Congratulations! Now you can upgrade your flight ring.

Also, here's the latest Spirit cover. I may not get around to actually reviewing it with more detail than AWESOME!!!!! so I wanted to post an image of the cover which does that thing covers do:

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