Blazing Fists of Awesome Cover Friday

Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu was created to cash in on the martial-arts movie craze of the '70s. And it worked! Most of the Master of Kung Fu covers featured the title character beating the crap out of a bunch of other people. Big surprise. However, the ones I love best are the covers where they said, "What's the wackiest situation we can put Shang-Chi into?" For example:


Shang-Chi vs. Man Thing. The art's not very good on this one but the concept is so high I can't even see it from here. This is the kind of "who would win?" scenario I love to see.


Ah, yes. Doom. Everybody in the Marvel Universe has to go up against Dr. Doom at some point. Luke Cage took the fight to Latveria when Doom stiffed him on a lousy 200 bucks! Now, Shang-Chi gets his turn.


This is my favorite Master of Kung Fu cover of all time. Shang-Chi vs. The Red Baron! No more needs be said.

-=Pulse-Pounding Bonus Covers!=-

Here's a reproduction of issue #23 in Dutch! It's got the word "d00ds" on it. Shang-Chi was 1337! It also bears the phrase "Het levende wapen" which means "The live Weapon"! I am totally getting that tattooed on my forehead.

And here's the English version:


Bahlactus said...

This is off-the-hook. I'm going to have to show some love on bahlactus.com regarding this post. Look for it on Tuesday :)

Vaklam said...

Glad you appreciate the Shang. He's one of my favorite badasses.