Immortal Iron Fist #6 - Marvel (2007)

At the risk of overusing the sentence: This is what I read comics for!

This issue wraps up the first story arc which means that a trade should be right around the corner. If you haven't been reading Iron Fist up to this point wait for the trade and read it all at once. It'll be awesome. I mean it.

I have absolutely no complaints about this issue. It is a satisfying end to the arc and it sets up the next storyline in a way that has me waiting breathlessly for #7. Orson Randall (the previous Iron Fist) achieves the redemption he's looking for and that Davos jerk challenges Danny Rand to fight in a tournament.

Let me repeat that.

A tournament!

I love the way Matt Fraction and Ed Brubaker have expanded the Iron Fist mythology. They're hitting all the right notes for a kickass action comic and now they've set up a freakin' tournament. This is the platonic form of action comics. If you like kung-fu, gun-fu or any other kind of fu, this is the comic for you...fu.

See below for one of the two best comics pages to come out this year. Misty's line in panel four and Luke's pose in the last panel make this page alone worth the price of the issue. David Aja is at the top of his game with this title. His action scenes and character design really make this book.

Also: Attention Zeb Wells! This is the way to write Heroes for Hire!!

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(Thanks to IGN.com for the scan)

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