Weird-ass Cover Wednesday

Not to get all What Were They Thinking? or Comics Make No Sense on you but every now and then my quest for Awesome Covers leads me into some, shall we say, not so awesome territories.

For example, issue #3 of Richie Rich & New Kids on the Block.

I have no problem with Richie Rich, per se. The first comics I ever read were the old-school Harvey titles. However, New Kids On The Block crossover?!? WTF? This is the weirdest team-up since Spider-Man met The Not Ready For Prime Time Players. How does a boy band even exist in the same universe as a kid who has a bathtub with hot-and-cold running cash?

Wait...I just answered my own question.

Here's another one I can't figure out.

As team-ups go, "Richie and Casper" kinda makes sense. Unless you go for the theory that Casper is the restless shade of Richie doomed to exist between the worlds of the living and the dead for eternity. Then it's pretty fucked up.

I think Richie had to be told that these were "Lilliputians" and not just "poor people".

I somehow doubt, however, that this issue contains the same biting social commentary of the original work by Swift.

Or does it?


Jason said...

Is it sad that as a kid I just assumed that Casper was a dead Richie Rich?

And let's face it, to Richie Rich, everybody is "poor people".

Vaklam said...

Good point about the poor people, Jason. Richie's all, "Gates, schmates! I pay my pool boy more than he makes."

I didn't start out making the Richie/Casper connection but once one of my friends mentioned it I couldn't stop seeing the similarities.