Left On Mission #1 & #2 - Boom! Studios (2007)

Not David Boreanaz!

I am a big fan of Boom! Studios' Fall of Cthulhu. I, therefore, had high hopes for their subsequent offerings. Unfortunately, the next couple of titles they released just weren't my cup of tea. Left On Mission on the other hand is exactly what I was hoping it would be and more.

At first I was dubious. The progatonist, Agent Eric Westfall, is called out of retirement to stop a former colleague who has gone rogue. I know, I know, but Chip Mosher makes it work! The story is tight and the characterizations are handled so well that we know a lot about the main character as well as this woman he's been reactivated in order to hunt down.

I waited until the second issue was out before writing this review because I wanted to see how some of the initial story elements played out. If you enjoy issue #1 you'll like the follow-up even more. Mosher's writing and Francesco Francavilla's art are top-notch and they play off of each other perfectly. The action scenes have a cinematic feel to them which is vital in a story like this. I can't go into detail about the story without blowing a couple of surprises. I will say that if you like stories set in exotic locales which have healthy doses of violence and intrigue, Left On Mission should be in your hold box. It's a five-issue limited series and I will look for future work by both Mosher and Francavilla once it's over.

Speaking of the art, check out this page from the second issue. It takes place in a club in Ibiza and our hero is not having a good night:

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Chip said...

Glad you dug the books. Thanks for the great reviews.


Chip Mosher