Stuff I Like

I have a couple of people I want to direct your attention towards. I've been reading and/or listening to both of these people for a while now but I haven't posted about them since they are not specifically comics-related. They're both going to be guests at Hypericon this year so I'll get to meet them in person. Cool!

Actually, I have met Elilzabeth Donald before. She and I attend some of the same cons. She's an excellent fiction writer but I want to point you towards her geek blog, CultureGeek. Click back through her recent posts. She's just done a cool Superman series with all kinds of Man-of-Steel info.

Mark Kinney is one of my favorite podcasters. He is one of the hosts of All Games Considered which stays at the top of my playlist. He's just started a geekblog of his own called Mark of the Geek. Check it out. Seriously, check it out.

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