Friday Night Fights: Timelord Style!

Bahlactus put out the call. Here's my answer!

And now, it's Doctor vs. Doctor in an all-out, no-holds-barred grudge match!

Bahlactus don't need no stinkin' Grandfather Paradox!


Bahlactus said...

Somethin' about your blog post isn't letting it link properly in my blog :( no idea what it is, but, I've just checked the last few links to you on my blog and now they all try to pop up my imaging viewer. Sup?!?

Bahlactus said...

Fixed -- something up with the "Lightbox" plugin'. I think the name 'noeticon' triggers it (because of icon in the name). I will drop the developer a bug report. Holla. :)

Vaklam said...

Thanks for sorting that out. You are officially The Man!