The Worlds Greatest Linkblogging

Yeah, like the Onion AV Club needs me to tell people about them. However, I couldn't resist linking to 10 Wonderfully Weird Moments From Fantastic Four Comics.

More evidence that the Fantastic Four Sequel might not suck.

One of my favorite artists, Patrick McEvoy, just left me a comment with a couple of pieces of great news. His art will grace the covers of Fall of Cthulhu 6 - 10. WooHoo!! He's also doing a new series from Archaia Studios called Starkweather: Immortal. Issue #1 will be out at the end of this month.


Patrick said...

One of your favorites? I'm honored! Sincere thanks.

I thought you might be interested in something I posted on the Archaia Boards. We'll be having a big art givaway at SDCC - all anyone needs to do to get a piece of original art from Starkweather: Immortal will be to buy a copy from us while we're signing (until we run out!) There are lots of pieces because I draw each panel separately. :) Hope to see you there - stop by and introduce yourself if you're at the Con.

Vaklam said...

Thanks for the heads up, Patrick! I won't be able to make SDCC this year but I'll spread the word about the signings.

Patrick said...

Thanks! Oh, and Dave and I will be at Wizard World Chicago too, in Artist's Alley (I'm told there will be an Archaia section in the Alley, though no booth as such at that con). Any chance you'll be there?

Patrick said...

Just wanted to say that the first FOC issue with one of my covers - #6 - just came out. And it was mis-credited! My name doesn't appear anywhere in the book. Of course, my distinctive signature is on it (it's the "B" cover with the giant ship in the ice).

On the up side, I did get nice emails of apology from SEVERAL Boom! folks, including one from new editor-in-chief Mark Waid. So that was nice. :)

Vaklam said...

Excellent, Patrick! I'll make sure that's the one they put in my hold box.

Also, Starkweather #2 is out this week, I believe.

Keep up the great work (credited or not)! :)

Patrick said...

That's great - hope you enjoy 'em! And yes, the new Starkweather (it's #1, because the first was #0 - don't you love comic book numbering?) is supposed to be out tomorrow. Yay!