Richie Rich: Post-Apocalyptic Warrior

Just to show that I've got (almost) nothin' but love for Richie Rich, I want to throw a couple of my favorite Harvey-tastic covers out there. There were 17,593 titles featuring Richie Rich. Almost every cover showed the title character doing something so freaking absurd that only someone like Warren Buffett could possibly afford it. For example, he'd be using diamonds and rubies as the decorations on a snowman or getting adequate health care.

I like the one below because it's from Richie Rich and his Girl Friends. Plural. Richie's mackin' it hard.

This is the quintessential Richie Rich cover. Being so rich that one can transcend the very laws of physics in order to step out of a screen is pretty impressive but what really amazes me is that he can afford to take four other people out to the movies.

My favorite cover featuring the Poor Little Rich Boy is this one:

You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!!!

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