Weird-Ass Cover Wednesday: Blue Beetle's Kickin' it Old School!

My first exposure to Blue Beetle was during the Giffen/DeMatteis run on Justice League. So, my image of the character looks a lot like this:

I thought he was pretty cool but I didn't learn until much later that he was one of the characters who had been brought over to DC from Charlton Comics and had been created in 1939. The original Blue Beetle of that era was featured on some truly weird-ass covers. I know making fun of golden-age comics is like shooting fish in a barrel but check these out!


What the hell is happening in this picture? Who is Black Lace shooting at? Is she standing in front of a picture of Blue Beetle crashing through a window? Why does the picture frame (or window frame or whatever) end at her arm? Is murder really her business or is it more of a hobby?


OK, let me get this straight. Blue Beetle is punching the hell out of a giant cop who is floating on an orange cloud while children dance on him. Thanks. Just checking.




I'm having trouble processing this one. It's like I just had the whole internet downloaded into my brain at once. I mean once you've read the phrase "orang-a-tang murders" what else is there to say? It's terrific!


Jinjifore said...

On #39, Blue Beetle looks like he's in a Mentos commercial. "Hey kids! Try Inflated Cop! It's ginchy!"

ghostman said...

I can't explain the weirdness with the frame, but I think that's a mirror showing a reflection of Blue Beetle crashing through the window. That's why she's pointing her gun the other direction.